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Harry Potter
Arthur Weasley/Lucius Malfoy
Semipublic, Underage Handjobs
Prompt 8. A Little Quickie Behind the Doors

"Your necktie is crooked."

Arthur stopped and stared down in surprise as his necktie was adjusted. "Uh, thanks, Lucius."

The younger boy didn't seem to notice his surprise, and his face was a mask of cool patience. The light from the window made his hair glow a little, paler than usual in the winter sun, making the Slytherin boy's features seem softer, somehow. "Why're you not outside?" Arthur asked, a little awkwardly, as he realized what way his thoughts were wandering. Anyway, it was a good question. It might be cold outside, but it was beautiful and perfect weather for snowball fights and he was that age, wasn't he? Or didn't Malfoy's get involved in snowball fights?

"Homework," Lucius explained as he finished his administrations with Arthur's red tie. When he made to take a step back, Arthur's hands shot out, and Lucius didn't realize that Arthur had wrapped an arm around the boy's waist until he was pressed against him. Lucius looked stunned and confused, and Arthur felt pretty much the same. Not beause they hadn't gotten physical before, it was that Arthur always managed to restrain himself when they were out in the open like this.

"Um." Lucius looked away, out the window and at the sky. He shifted nervously in Arthur's grip, from one foot to the other. "In the middle of the corridor?" Arthur managed to keep from sputtering, shocked at the words. Even more shocking was the color dusting Lucius' pale cheeks, and it made Arthur blush in turn. "God, you're pretty," he blurted out, and Lucius' face exploded in a reddish pink color. He turned his face against Arthur's chest, and hid it from sight.

They both jumped when they heard a door slam in the other end of the corridor, and before they were seen, Arthur pulled Lucius in behind an armor. Arthur hushed it when it started to turn its head, and it shrugged, turning its visor back forward. Professor Slughorn walked past them without noticing them at all. That was a relief, and Lucius slumped heavily against him as he relaxed. Arthur shifted his grip around him, loosening it and he was just about to let him go when he saw the look on Lucius' face. He still looked confused - frowning a little, as if he was trying to figure something out - and his cheeks were still dusted pink. "You okay, Lucius?" Arthur asked. Lucius kept his gaze firmly locked on his chest, not saying anything.

Arthur touched Lucius' jaw, tilted his head up, and saw how the boy looked down, eyes hidden by long lashes. So beautiful... Arthur leaned down, and caught Lucius' lips with his. He could feel him hold his breath, and only briefly held him in place, before letting him go. Lucius let out the breath he had kept inside, and hastily buried his face in Arthur's shirt. He could feel the heat of his face through the fabric, and the sight - and the sensation - made him feel oddly protective toward the boy.

He slipped a hand down the front of his trousers, and as he wrapped his fingers around his cock he felt Lucius bite his lip and suck in his breath. He ran his thumb over the younger boy's head, rubbed the pad of his finger over the small slit and felt Lucius shiver and heard him whimper. He moved it up and down of the shaft, touching every inch of sensitive skin. Lucius buried his face in Arthur's shoulder, grasped at his neck and tugged at Arthur's clothes so he had to bend forward. When he did, Lusius pressed their lips together, letting Arthur's mouth muffle the sounds coming out from his own as he felt warmth knot in his stomach, only to boil over and explode.

Arthur leaned agaisnt the wall, one hand on Lucius' back supporting the boy as he licked his hand clean. He pressed a finger in front of his lips at the armor, who shook its head. It had an air of an adult sighing about teenagers and was likely to keep quiet about the quick little thryst.


"Arthur, your necktie is crooked."

The words caught Arthur off guard, and allowed Lucius to reach forward. The Malfoy froze midmotion, hands on the worn old tie. He pulled them back again. "Then again," he slowly said, "Isn't that always the case, Weasley?" He made to take a step back, to regain his bearings so he could throw insults at the older man from a safer distance. But before he could, Arthur grabbed one of his wrists and pulled. Lucius stumbled and crashed into Arthur, who caught him around the waist and pulled him in behind the closest fireplace.

Lucius squirmed uncomfortably at the tight proximity of their bodies, remembering touches that he highly wished to suppress. "Old habits die hard, Lucius?" Arthur asked calmly, much to Lucius displeasure.

"Hardly," he replied with a slow drawl. He wasn't completely convincing, but he continued, none the less. "I simply wish to preserve an image of propriety." He was looking anywhere but at the man that he once called his boyfriend. Arthur snorted, "You're not fooling me," he said. Lucius glared, then suddenly tensed as he heard hurried footsteps closing in on them. A wizard passed, somehow not noticing the two of them. He feelt Arthur's grip tighten, and felt the wall against his back. Just like in the past....

But no, Lucius was nothing like he was back then, when he was young and naive and foolishly let himself be led on by a bumbling, red haired blood traitor. "Let go of me, Arthur," he ordered, and after a few moments, he was released. "Very well," the man said, and stepped away. It felt oddly - idiotically - lonely when he did.

"Tell me, Luce, have you actually, truly, changed that much? Or do you only think that you have?"

Lucius turned a sharp glare on Arthur at the use of the old nickname. "I have changed in more ways than you are aware of," he said, and Arthur sighed. "Did you notice that you still react to my touches?" Lucius looked surprised - reallywas surprised - and tightened his grip on his walking stick. He hadn't noticed. But when he focused, he felt his knees had gone weak and that he was breathing hard. Odd. He didn't remember losing his breath.

Arthur took his hands in his and squeezed them. Lucius wished his skin didn't tingle and sweat, despite the gloves between his and Arthur's hands. It was more than upsetting, and Lucius pulled his hands out of Arthur's grip.

In a low voice, hesitant, Arthur spoke again. "Does your body remember?" and Lucius thought that yes, it does.


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