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Akagami no Shirayukihime
Behind the Mausoleum (Teen | 1656 words)
Obi/Izana; Zen & Shirayuki cameos
He opened his eyes and looked toward the trees, and saw a shadow moving among the leaves. “I thought I felt a presence,” he remarked, and Obi dropped down on the ground.

Brontide (General | 670 words)
Izana, Obi; Obi/Izana
Obi could tell when the weather was about to shift even before it did, at least to some degree and better than most other people.

Eyes (General | 423 words)
Obi; Obi/Izana, ObiZenYuki
Obi had a conflicting relationship with his lover's eyes.

Red and Green (General | 1'119 words)
Zen, Shirayuki, Kiki; Zen/Shirayuki
Zen pays Shirayuki a quick visit, as she works in one of the greenhouses.

Usually (Explicit | 1'057 words)
Izana, Obi; Obi/Izana; Blowjobs
Usually, they restricted their encounters to hours when people were less active.

Vin Rouge (Mature | 246 words)
Obi brings back wine from Lyrias, and shares it with Izana.

Alive: The Last Evolution
Don't try to guess what kind of people you will meet at your new job. (General | 1'297 words)
D3, D2, McPherson
D3 joins the Special Force, and meets the other members for the first time.

Shrimp Pants (General | 452 words)
D3, D2, D4, James McPherson
"You look like a boiled shrimp."

Weird Onigiri (General | 657 words)
Aoi, D2
"Do they look that weird?" "They're weird!" she shouted, then shook her head violently. "That's not what I meant! Why are they here!" "I thought maybe you were hungry."

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
Hungry (General | 420 words)
Sometimes Vaiz said things so suddenly that it caught him off guard.

Assassination Classroom
Red (Explicit | 312 words)
They're both breathless when Karma pulls away, and rises to his knees.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!
Taste of Lemons 5 (Explicit | 1278 words)
En/Kinshiro; underage, aphro
Prompr 33. To Touch The DEvil.

Bloody Monday
Keywords (General | 2'173 words)
Peter Pan, Hansel
One of the new members of the Shooter of the Magic Bullet, Hansel, is a mystery.

Spirit Coffee (General | 1'156 words)
Haruka, J; Post canon
He noticed her staring, of course he did, and he smiled at her before turning back to the cashier.

Watch (General | 419 words)
Michael, J
Sometimes Michael caught J with a pocketwatch in his hand, staring at it with an empty look on his face.

Bungou to Alchemist
Daybreak (General | 838 words)
Kan and Ryuu watches the sun go up.

Cuticle Detective Inaba
Butterfly (General | 394 words)
Hiroshi, Haruka
Hiroshi found Haruka rolled up on the couch when he returned after shopping.

Not part of our world (General | 322 words)
Kurami; Kurami/Iyori; one-sided attraction
He was a regular not soon after the first time that he had gone to have a look, and it wasn’t solely because of the food and drinks.

Perfect Spring (General | 655 words)
Butch, Sundance, Toyohisa
“It’s one hell of a spring they have.” “Idiot, it ain’t spring.”

The Color of your Eyes 1 (General | 739 words)
Toyohisa/Butch; Toyohisa
The eyes is the mirror of the soul, the color the key of the bond. Everyone knows that, they grow up with the tales of eyes meeting and the world gaining more color. Satsuma is a land of dark eyes. But in a land of dark eyes, Shimazu Toyohisa has found that it is impossible to find even a single person with eyes the true color of grass.

The Color of your Eyes chapter 2 (General | 965 words)

The Color of Your Eyes chapter 3 (General | 1'317 words)
Butch, Sundance, Haruakira, Hannibal

The Color of Your Eyes chapter 4 (General | 1'128 words)
Toyohisa, Butch, Sundance, other minor appearances

The Color of Your Eyes chapter 5 (General | 1'507 words)
Toyohisa, Butch, Sundance

The Color of Your Eyes chapter 6 (General | 1'423 words)
Butch, Sundance

The Color of Your Eyes chapter 7 (General | 1'313 words)
Butch, Toyohisa, Shindance

Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Come By (General | 379 words)
"How about coming to Yakankan? You like the shop, right, Danna?"

Heat Wave (General | 590 words)
Heat waves can hit Hell as well.

Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
Not adorable (Explicit | 234 words)
"I'm not adorable."

Family of Fanalis & RenKou's. chapter 18 (Gen | 673 words)

Family of Fanalis & RenKou's. chapter 19 (Gen | 449 words)

Family of Fanalis & RenKou's. chapter 20 (Gen | 670 words)
Takeruhiko/Hakuei; Hakuryuu, Takeruhiko

Mahoutsukai no Yome
Aurora Borealis (General | 375 words)
Lindel; winter solstice
He looked up when he felt magic dance above.

Meine Liebe
Explore (General | 1'008 words)

Requiem 5 (General | 3'579 words)
Ed/Lui, Orphe, Augusta

Requiem 6 (General | 3'272 words)
Ed/Lui, Marin, Camus

Requiem 7 (Gen | 4'178 words)
Ed/Lui, Naoji, Orphe, Camus

Secret Joy (General | 374 words)
"Want to hold hands?"

Voices and Bonds (General | 479 words)
He had always been able to hear the voices of plants, as long as he could remember.

Bei Dou and the not-rabbit (General | 428 words)
Bei Dou
It was the weirdest rabbit he had ever seen.

Susanoh ~Sword of the Devil~
Nightingale (General | 754 words)
Her focus was on the crowd below her, and theirs was on the words she melodically spoke.

Touken Ranbu
Blossom (General | 618 words)
Jiroutachi/Souza, Sayo
Souza is given a flower crown from Jiroutachi.

Falling Leaves (General | 554 words)
Come a morning of autumn, a coat of brightly colored leaves covered the ground.

You should be more careful (General | 444 words)
Yasusada/Nikkari, Kashuu, Gokotai, Yagen
The citadel recently got a table tennis table.

Uchouten Kazoku
Pillar of Strength (General | 915 words)
A frog and a tanuki were sitting in a well.

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