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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!
Yufuin En/Kusatsu Kinshiro
Prompt 33. To Touch the Devil
Underage blowjobs, aphro


En stared at the sight of the student council president, curled up around himself, face flushed and tears in his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked, once he finally found his voice through his surprise. "No-nothing is wrong," Kinshiro said as he tried to compose himself. It was not working out very well for him, En noticed.
"There's definitely gotta be something, or you wouldn't be in here," En insisted. "Is it just a rumour that the student council has its own bathroom, then?"
The president said nothing, choosing instead to stare at the tiles of the bathroom floor, Seriously, what was he doing in here, where anyone could walk in and find him? He was sure the other boy didn’t want to be found, and particularly not by En. Or maybe… he wanted to be found by Atsushi?

"Alright, I'm leaving, then,” he said with a sigh, turning toward the door. He’d just go to another floor’s bathroom instead, though it was a bit of a bother.

A loud clatter made En pause, and he looked back at Kinshiro, who looked like he was trying his utmost not to blush, only to fail miserably. It was incredibly adorable. "You... tell... no one.." The president ground the words out through his teeth, and En watched him with raised eyebrows. "That mean you're asking for me help?" Kinshiro was silent for several long moments, then he nodded. “Okay… With what, exactly?” En added when he remembered that he had no idea what had upset the delicate-looking student.

Kinshiro squirmed, still refusing to look at him. “Door…” he murmured, so quietly that En almost didn’t catch it. He stepped into the stall, pulling the door closed and locking it. He turned his gaze back toward Kinshiro, who hesitantly pulled himself up on the toilet seat. He seemed to be feeling some level of discomfort, and it didn’t take very long until En knew why.

Even through his underwear, it was visible that he had a raging hard-on. “You can’t just jerk off?” En asked before he could stop himself. Kinshoírou’s face turned a very interesting shade of red. “I did that…!” He sounded exasperated through his embarrassment. En hummed, and knelt on the floor. One of his hands moved to Kinshiro’s waist, and pulled him forward on the plastic seat. Then he paused, looking up at Kinshiro.

“You sure you’re fine with me? I can get--”

“Don’t..! I didn’t want anyone to know so more people knowing would be... “ Kinshiro bit his lip. “I’ll make do.”

“I’m hurt,” En said, not sounding or looking the least bit hurt. “Alright, I won’t tell anyone. How did you get like this anyway?” Kinshiro shook his head, “Akoya brought chocolates for a game…” It was all he said, which really didn’t make anything clearer. He didn’t say that the one that lost was the one that got one of the chocolates containing aphrodisiac, and that he had apparently lost. Though, perhaps the other two had as well, because they had disappeared not long after. How he had been dragged into the game, he couldn’t remember any more.

“Ah…. Alright…” En rubbed a thumb along the visible erection through the fabric. “Tell me if you change your mind, President.” Kinshiro nodded slowly. He bit the inside of his cheek. He watched as En continued to touch his erection through his underwear. It felt completely different from when he had touched himself in an attempt to get rid of it, a completely different heat that made his whole body react even as he tried to suppress it. His body shivered because of the heat combined with the touches, and he clutched the toilet seat in his hands.

When En finally freed his cock from its confinement, his fingers brushed lightly over the skin, only barely moving.

"Cute," En commented after a few moments of silence. Kinshiro flushed worse. "Quiet," he ordered, and En snickered, clearly amused. So what if he wasn't very big? Was there a problem with that? He knew that most men prided themselves in size or girth or whatever, but to say his lack of penis size was cute was humiliating. Particularly when it was said by Yufuin En.

He felt exposed, like anyone and everyone could see him in this state. But he didn’t want him to leave yet, for some reason. It probably was because of the way his body felt as if it was burning, but not as painfully as before.

The tip of En’s tongue dipped into the small slit on Kinshiro's head, and he sucked in a sharp breath at the unexpected jolt of pleasure it sent through his body.

It had to be the aphrodisiac, if it had not been for that, he would not have felt this good. Yes, it was definit---oh god... It wasn't until he felt En smirk against his thigh that he realized that he had said the words out loud. He turned crimson, and saw how En pulled his head back, lips wet. "That's some compliment." he said, and Kinshiro dug his nails into the plastic seat. "Silence." he snapped, and En chuckled. His breath was both warm and cool -- How is that possible? -- against Kinshiro's heated skin.

It was infuriating, how easy it was for the other boy was able to make him orgasm, when it had taken Kinshiro such a tong time to bring himself to orgasm before even once. He didn’t stop though, not when he noticed that Kinshiro was still as hard as before.

When he orgasmed again, cum filling the boy’s mouth this time, an odd expression passed briefly over En’s face. The look on En’s face didn't pass Kinshiro by, and he scowled deeply at him through the heat on his face.

En suddenly leaned up, and pressed his lips to Kinshiro's. Kinshiro parted his lips in surprise, and En slipped his tongue inside his mouth. Kinshiro cringed, and after a few moments, En pulled back. "Salty," Kinshiro said. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and En smirked at him. "Right? But it's not all that bad." Kinshiro huffed. "You looked simply disgusted."

"Perhaps if you ate more sweet stuff, it'd be sweeter."

“I doubt that is how it works.”

“Have you tried?”

Kinshiro glared, not the least bit pleased with the comment. “Of course I haven’t, you fool,” he snapped. The words lacked a certain amount of bite however.

He was dazed and felt a little confused, and a lot exhausted and drained. It made it tiresome to remain angry.

En pulled Kinshiro up onto his feet, and the president stumbled as his pants caught around his ankles. He fell right into En’s chest, and it was with a mix of disgruntled displeasure and flushed arousal that he looked up at the taller boy.
Kinshiro fell back down on the toilet seat with a thump, and he stared at En, as the boy pulled up his trousers for him. Then he stood, and backed out of the booth.

"If you ever need the assistance again, president, I'd be happy to provide." The boy winked at him. Actually winked.

“I will never need your help again,” Kinshiro gritted out, the glare slipping back in his eyes. He wouldn’t admit to anyone that he felt a great deal better though, thanks to the other boy. Was it because it was another person that had gotten him off? Either way, he would at the very least be able to walk home without too much discomfort. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, even, but the thought did cross his mind several times, unbidden.


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