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Bungou to Alchemist
Kan and Ryuu watches the sun go up.


“I have not idea how you talked me into this.”

Ryuu’s voice is a little grouchy, and from the way he was scowling a little, he was clearly displeased. Kan didn’t really care though, this was Ryuu, a guy who didn’t like to get out of bed at any time in the day, so dragging him out of it before the sun rose was not going to be a welcome break in the routine of being dragged out of bed just in time for breakfast.

But at least Kan had brought blankets, because while it wasn’t really cold outside, it was definitely not warm. It was chilly. Not cold, but chilly.

“I didn’t.” Kan pulled up the blankets slipping from his shoulder due to all of Ryuu’s shuffling. He sighed, and wrapped an arm around his back, pulling him close. “Stop fidgeting.”

“I’ll fidget if I want to,” Ryuu grumbled. He pressed closer against Kan, to get more body heat from him. “Sometimes I don’t get you at all.”

“Same,” Kan said. He had finally found the lighter. This coat seem to have endlessly deep pockets, for some reason. Practical sometimes, but not when you wanted to find something specific in them. He should do something about that. Later.

He lit the cigarette he had put between his lips before handing the package to Ryuu.

He passed the cigarette to Ryuu’s lips, and the other author took a deep drag. He blew out smoke through the corner of his mouth. “I like this brand, it should be stocked.” His lips brushed against Kan’s fingers and Kan pulled the cigarette from his lips, placed it between his own for a lungful of smoke before passing it back to Ryuu. “That won’t happen, it’s not that cheap.”

“You’re splurging,” Ryuu remarked. He leaned his head against Kan’s shoulder, finally settling down now that he was getting tobacco in his system. Kan did a half-shrug that wouldn’t disrupt Ryuu’s position too much. “They’re for special moments.”

“And this is a special moment?” Ryuu said doubtfully. Kan took back the cigarette. “No, but you can be annoying without any cigarettes.” He says it with a serious tone of voice, but then grins. Ryuu half-heartily shoves an elbow in his direction. “You’re terribly rude,” he said. Kan grinned. “I am only rude to you, Ryuu.”

With a huff, Ryuu turned his head away when Kan once more passed him the cigarette. “Horrible, you are,” he said. But he was starting to sound a little less cranky, so he wasn’t really mad or anything, Kan knew. “So why have you forced me out here anyway?”

“Mmh, that’s right.” Kan moved his hand around Ryuu’s face and turned his head forward. “Wanted to watch that with you.”

Ryuu looked ahead at what Kan wanted to show him. “It’s a sunrise, nothing remarkable,” he said after a few moments. Kan had seen the distracted look passing over his face briefly, though. “It’s pretty.” he said. Ryuu once more leaned his head against Kan’s shoulder. “You enjoy the silliest things. I’ve seen plenty of sunrises while suffering from insomnia.”

“You’re not suffering from insomnia right now though, are you?”

“I’m suffering terribly. My friend forced me out of bed and it’s not warm enough to sleep and not cold enough to sleep forever.” When Ryuu blew the smoke out at the corner of his mouth this time, he blew it right into Kan’s face.

Kan scowled at him. Then he took the cigarette, dropped it into the snow, and grasped Ryuu’s chin. He tilted his head up, and turned his own toward Ryuu’s face.

Kissing him tasted like the cigarette they had just shared, and like warmth.

“Don’t say stupid things like that,” he said when he finally pulled away, Ryuu’s chin still in a solid grip.

Ryuu scrunched up his nose, an eyebrow raised at Kan. “Giving decent kisses isn’t anything you can do either, I see.” His cheeks were flushed with red, not only caused by the chill in the early morning air.

“You’ve kissed me before and never complained. Did you listen to what I just said?”

“I did not. You have a lot to make up for right now, I’m being picky.”

“So you’re being a brat then.”

“A bra--I’m not a brat, Kan.” Ryuu took on an affronted look, but Kan was not really convinced. “Sure you’re not, you’re just acting childish like any other grown man do.”

“I’m not acting childish either.”

“Is too.”

“Complaining about your lack of skill in kissing is not being childish.”

“Mmmhm, keep telling yourself that and I’ll keep telling you you’re a brat.”

Ryuu glared at him, fuming, and Kan grinned. “Just enjoy the sunrise, Ryuu. Take the chance now that you’re not actually having insomnia.”

Ryuu sniffed. “You know I’ll just go back to bed once we go back inside, right?” Kan’s grin grew wider. “Nope, I’m making you take a long bath after this.”

“You really are terrible.”

“Yes, I’m absolutely horrible.”


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