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Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Heat waves can hit Hell as well.


“How can you keep at it in this weather, danna?” Gon asked. Hoozuki glanced briefly over his shoulder at the fox, looking far too unimpressed with Gon’s wilted appearance. The kitsune leaned his chin against the back of a hand, and his elbows against his knees, and he looked exhausted due to the heat. Already he had shed his haori and pulled down his yukata so it rested around his hips, but he looked as if he wanted to lose the shirt as well. With his other hand, he was blowing air into his face and sweat-damp hair with his straw hat.

Hoozuki, on the other hand, didn’t look at all bothered with the sweltering heat. “It is not that warm,” he said, and Gon groaned. “Nuh-uh it’s really really warm and you’re still dressed in black. What sort of magic are you using to stay cool despite that?”

“I am not.” Hoozuki turned his full focus back to his plants and the water he was spraying onto them. “You do not have the correct mindset. That is all.”

“Is that it?” Gon asked, squinting more than usual at Hoozuki’s back. Hoozuki hummed, gaze passing over the goldfish plants to see if any of them had not been watered properly. As he did, he heard a thud and a rustle of fabric behind him.

Turning around, he saw that Gon was laying on his side on the porch, not looking at him any more. He really did look troubled by the high temperature.

After several moments of simply watching him - minutes, perhaps - he turned the hose toward the demon animal.

Gon was so startled that he lost hold of his transformation, and turned into his fox form. “Hoozuki-no-danna?!” Dripping wet with his fur and clothes clinging to his body, he looked a little affronted. “That is not better?” Hoozuki asked. He went to turn off the water, then returned to the porch. Gon had turned back into his humanoid form, and was peeling off his shirt and yukata, dropping the wet pieces of clothing on the wooden boards. He looked up, when Hoozuki stepped up to him. He definitely looked disgruntled, but he didn’t look like a wilted flower any more.

“Isn’t that better?” Hoozuki said, the question not really a question. Gon huffed, turning his eyes away. “Do you want me to get sick?” he asked with a pout. Hoozuki stared down at him and Gon glanced back up. Hoozuki knelt on the porch beside him, and Gon jumped, when Hoozuki took a tight hold of his chin and leaned down to brush him lips against his.

Gon stared up at him. Hoozuki didn’t let go of his chin. Gon’s eyes were still narrowed.

Then his expression softened, and he turned to face Hoozuki better. “Screw it,” he muttered, and wrapped his hands around the collar of Hoozuki’s kimono. He pulled at it, and Hoozuki leaned down. Gon hooked an arm around his neck when he smashed their lips together. “You better,” he breathed out when he pulled away to catch his breath. “keep me warm while I dry, danna.”

“I don’t have to,” Hoozuki said, and they both knew that unless Hoozuki let him, Gon wouldn’t be able to make Hoozuki do anything, due to the difference in their strength, unless Hoozuki permitted it. “I have some time before I am needed however.”

Hoozuki pushed Gon down onto the floor, fully taking charge of the kiss. It didn’t take long before Gon seemed to be melting yet again.


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