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Akagami no Shirayukihime
Obi brings back wine from Lyrias, and shares it with Izana.


Obi had brought a small bottle with him, when he arrived that night. It was a clear blue glass bottle, with a shape reminding of a craggy fruit, or perhaps a vase. It contained a Lyrias-brewed wine, with a warm red color. The wine had a fragrance of sandalwood and chocolate, while the taste reminded of chocolate and blackberry.

It has been a long time now, since they last saw each other, and Obi is going back to Lyrias tomorrow. They drank together sometimes, before Obi went to Lyrias as Zen’s knight, but it’s been even longer that they did that.

The cool sensation of the wine and the warmth of their skin caused their bodies to tingle, with desire and lust---and a longing neither of them would ever speak of.

Obi’s lips against Izana’s throat left burning marks invisible to the eye, Izana’s hands moving across Obi’s skin scorched want into his veins.

Muscles tensed and flexed, when Obi buried his cock deep inside Izana, when Izana pulled him closer, when Obi kissed and bit along his neck and shoulder, when Izana scratched pale pink marks along Obi’s back.

Breaths mingled hot with each other, burning against skin, when Izana’s body curved against Obi’s, when Obi caught Izana’s wandering hands in his.

Voices half muffled when Obi kissed Izana deeply, their bodies pressed close together when they kissed each other's lips red and swollen, the taste of the wine gone but still in memory.

So I know absolutely nothing about wine or any other alcoholic beverages so I don’t know if the description is any good or accurate.
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