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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
Sometimes Vaiz said things so suddenly that it caught him off guard.


With a yawn Tejirof stretched to get some of the stiffness out of his body. He must have fallen asleep while they were waiting for time to pass until his next meeting with Soldia's top. Judging from the height of the sun, there were still a couple hours left. He sighed. He glanced to the left and the weight against his shoulder, and he nudged Vaiz in the side. The Killer's head snapped up after the third jab directed at him. "Ah?"
"I was thinking of getting something light to eat, do you have any suggestions?" He knew that Vaiz had taken the time to wander around town while Tejirof had been at strategy meetings and the like, and probably knew at least a few good places to have a meal at. Vaiz looked at him, slowly blinking. After a couple of moments of thought, he blew some small bubbles into the air right past Tejirof's nose. "Mmmm, I dunno, but I know something that's free and close."
That made Tejirof a little confused. Free, he said? Was there something like that close by--or at all? "What's that?"
Tejirof couldn't help but stare at Vaiz. Did he just...? He ran a hand across his face in an attempt to cover the blush that spread on his cheeks. Of course Tejirof had no problem with innuendos, he pretty much was a walking innuendo after all, but sometimes Vaiz said things so suddenly that it caught him off guard. And sure, this wasn't even an innuendo, not really, but none the less.
When Tejirof didn't say anything, Vaiz tipped his head to the side, his usual, seemingly blank expression on his face. "What?" he asked, and Tejirof bit his lip. "No, well, yeah, sure." Vaiz made a confused sound and Tejirof cleared his throat. "I said sure, I'll have you for a meal."
The tiniest fraction of a smile crept up on Vaiz's face, and Tejirof stared. Again. What is up with Vaiz today? He startled when Vaiz reached up and pressed his lips against Tejirof's, and Tejirof's fingers twitched when Vaiz took hold of his hand and wrapped his arm around his waist so he could pull him closer. Once Vaiz stopped kissing him - and he was really good at kissing, surprisingly - Tejirof closed his eyes and dropped his forehead against Vaiz's hair. "You better take responsibility for the boner you just gave me," he muttered right above his ear, and he felt Vaiz turn his head. "Ah, yeah."


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