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Hoozuki no Reitetsu
"How about coming to Yakankan? You like the shop, right, Danna?"


A cloud of smoke mingled with the cold air and loud voices, and Gon leaned back against the wall. On the street in front of him, Hoozuki-no-Danna and Hakutaku-no-Danna was arguing about something ridiculous again. It was a bit awkward to have to be audience to them, but he also didn't feel like moving, since his spot had gotten fairly warm by now. So he kept his attention on his kiseru, forming rings in the air as he waited for the two to finish whatever fight they were at by now.

It took another seventeen minutes, and by then Gon was starting to get a little cold again. He pulled his haori and scarf closer, watching as the sacred beast stomped off into Dakki's shop, while the oni stood glaring darkly at his back. Gon raised a hand and waved at the man, "Danna, why not come inside too? It's cold out here, ain't it?"

"I would rather not," the glare was turned toward Gon, almost as intense as it was when directed toward Hakutaku. Gon's hand drooped, and he dropped it back into the folds of his sleeves. "Now now, don't say that." Then he got an idea. "How about coming to Yakankan? You like the shop, right, Danna?"

Hoozuki touched his chin with a hand, thoughtfully turning his gaze slightly up. "Well, I suppose that would be acceptable." He started leading the way, and Gon hurried after him. “Then, Gon-san, you will take good care of me I hope.” The tone in his voice told Gon exactly what Hoozuki meant. “Eh… But shapeshifting is a hassle you know, you can request anyone else.”

“You really are a fox with little motivation,” Hoozuki remarked, and Gon hummed. “Mmm, yes. So…”

“I have already requested Gon-san.”

Gon jumped and his face froze momentarily when he saw the expression on Hoozuki’s face. Scary..! Honestly, Hoozuki-sama could be scary. Though Gon still liked him, he was interesting. “Fine…” He sighed, and showed Hoozuki to an empty table at the back of the shop.

But well… Maybe shifting back into fox form once in a while was alright, since Hoozuki actually was really good at petting animals. Even if he was muttering insults about Hakutaku under his breath the first fifteen minutes.


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