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Touken Ranbu
Yasusada/Nikkari, Kashuu,Yagen, Gokoutai
The citadel recently got a table tennis table.


"Let me see if I got this right," Kashuu said, his eyes trained on Yasusada. "You were playing table tennis doubles with Shinano and Shishiou, and got so into it that you accidentally hurt Nikkari-san?"

Yasusada nodded silently, not looking at his fellow Shinsengumi sword, who was, with hands on his hips, eyeing him with a somewhat peeved expression on his face. Beside him, not the focus of Kashuu’s scrutiny, Nikkari watched with them, and he couldn’t help to feel some amount of amusement. He was waiting for a seat at the repairs, since it was occupied by a few members that had returned after a fight with the Retrograde Army. Kashuu, who had been there waiting for a seat already when the two arrived, sighed.

“Really… Be more careful, won’t you?”

“Mmh, I will.” Uncertainly, Yasusada glanced over at Yagen, who was listening while busying himself with giving Kashuu a basic treatment before entering the repair chamber. “Um, do you have more of those? One that I could borrow?” Yagen looked up, and back down to see the pincers and cotton he was dabbing Kashuu’s wounds with. He smiled, and pulled another pincer from his pocket. “Of course,” he said, gesturing at the cotton bag and bottle beside him.

“What are you doing?” Nikkari asked, then winced as the liquid added to the cotton stung his wound. “Uh, Yasusada? You don't have to..." He faltered at the determined expression on Yasusada’s face. "It's my fault you got hurt, so I want to help where I can.”

Nikkari settled with letting him do as he wanted. “I’ll gratefully accept, in that case. Ah, welcome back, Gokotai.”

Gokotai closed the door to the repair chamber behind him. “Thank you.. Nikkari-san, di-did something happen?” As he got to his feet, Kashuu, shook his head. “These two messed up,” he said. “Gokotai, is Monoyoshi still not done?” Gokotai shook his head. “Not yet.” He looked at his brother quizzically. “I’ll tell you. Yamatonokami, you can return those later.” Yagen collected the used items and handed the cotton package and bottle off to Yasusada. “Nikkari-san, get properly repaired when Monoyoshi-san is finished.”

“Understood,” Nikkari said with a smile. Once the other three left, Kashuu to get repaired and the brothers to find the rest of the Toushiro swords, Yasusada glanced up at Nikkari. “I’m sorry, really.”

Nikkari chuckled. “You said that about a dozen times already. It was fine the first time.”

“Yes, but… Ah…”

Yasusada looked at Nikkari in bewilderment. Nikkari smiled, and pressed a finger to the lips that just touched Yasusada’s lips. “Enough of that now. Once I’m done with repairs, let’s have another match.”


I played table tennis many many years ago, it's so easy to run into other people when you suck at it, particularly in roundtabletennis (that sounds awkward translated, we call it rundpingis in Swedish) or doubles.


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