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Uchouten Kazoku
A frog and a tanuki were sitting in a well.


The sound of water splashing alerted him to someone's presence, and Yajirou surfaced from the shade of the vegetation in his well. He was hit by water, and, surprised, watched as the tanuki shook out his fur.

“You do some pretty dangerous things too sometimes, Shojiro-san,” he says, as he watches the tanuki sit, and shift shape from a fluffy animal to a traditionally dressed human. His feet were in the water among the coins people had thrown into the well, and his hair still looked a little damp. “Sometimes,” the Nanzenji tanuki agreed. “It's necessary to go on with the flow, once in a while.”

“That is the tanuki way…” Yajirou murmured, more to himself than to the other tanuki. Then he looked back up at him. “Are you not cold?” Shojiro shook his head. “It's very warm up there. Particularly if you have fur. But you have it cool down here, it seems.” Yajirou hummed, leaning his head against the stone. “Then, are you not crowded?” The calm smile on Shojiro’s face widened a fraction. “Not at all. Yajirou-kun, Would you like me to leave?”

Yajirou tilted his head back up, then hopped a little closer to the older tanuki. “No, if you want to stay that’s fine. Why are you here though?”

Shojiro’s hands, resting in his lap before, slid along the fabric of his clothes to rest against his knees. “Gyokuran went to Tadasu Forest, to see Yaichirou,” he said, the look on his face turning incredibly fond. Yajirou watched him for a few moments, feeling happy for his older brother and for Gyokuran, because this meant that their furry little love story could perhaps move forward. And he knew that Shojiro-san liked Yaichirou-niisan, which also made him happy. The Shimogamo tanuki and the Nanzenji tanuki got along well. “That’s nice,” he finally said, once more leaning against the cool stone. “Yes. I’m happy for them. Yajirou-kun,” Shojiro’s smile turned toward him, and when Yajirou looked up once more he saw another fond smile directed at him. “How is your training going?”

“Thank you,” Yajirou said, sitting up a bit more to look at the transformed tanuki. He knew that the tanuki was genuinely asking, because he genuinely cared. “I’m still not there yet, but it’s getting a little better. Grandmother gave me a medicine that helps, too.” He focused hard, and honestly, finding the calm in himself - true calm - was easier with a very calm tanuki by his side, trying to shift into human form, instead of the train, or his real form.

The well was cramped, certainly not actually big enough for two humans (though they were tanuki) to share without them sharing close space with each other. Yajirou had been sitting on the stone before, and now a knee was placed on it. His position was a little awkward and he was partially in the water, and he had to support himself against the wall of the well and Shojiro’s shoulder so he wouldn’t fall right into Shojiro. This left them very close, their faces close because Yajirou made them so, and Shojiro had to look up a little. The smile on his face turned a fraction wider. “I still can’t hold it very long,” Yajirou explained to his guest.

“Take the time you need, Yajirou-kun,” Shojiro said, his voice reassuring. One of his hands moved to give the hand on his shoulder an equally reassuring squeeze, and Yajirou let him. The grip on his shoulder tightened just a little. Shojiro’s hand reached up to touch Yajirou’s face, but he touched nothing but air as Yajirou, once again a frog, tumbled into his lap. Shojiro reached out his hands, sighing in relief when he managed to catch the frog before he fell down from his legs and hit the stone.

“Shojiro-san always seem to catch me when I fall,” Yajirou said, smiling up at him the way only a frog could smile. Shojiro smiled back, resting his hands in his lap so they were steady. Yajirou stayed in his palms, enjoying the warmth of the tanuki’s skin and the temperature in the air. “If I’m around, I’ll keep doing it,” Shojiro assured him. He leaned back against the wall again, momentarily closing his eyes.

He opened them again when Yajirou called his name. “Yes, Yajirou-kun?”

“Won’t the other tanuki at Nanzenji wonder where you went?” To be fair, he didn’t dislike spending time with Shojiro. He was very nice. But he was an important person who couldn’t stick around in a well for too long. “Yes, I suppose so,” Shojiro agreed. He lifted the hand Yajirou had moved over to, and pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head.

Though not really visible because of his frog form, Yajirou felt his face heat up. (If Yajirou had minded it though, he never would have done that.)

Yajirou knew since a long time ago that the Nanzenji tanuki liked him, that he liked him a lot, and that Shojiro knew that things probably wouldn’t progress beyond some flings now and then. But Shojiro had said that it was fine, even if it had gone anywhere feelings-wise, it wasn’t like they could get married. Tanuki could change their shapes and appear the opposite gender, but two male tanuki could not procreate, which put a stopper on things. But it was alright. They were tanuki anyway, and as Shojiro had said; sometimes they should just go with the flow.


Shojiro gives off this feeling that he’d probably be easy to talk to, and as if he'd be a good listener. I like him a lot. And, well... I've sort of shipped this since that once scene in season one, and now that there's a name and some personality to the face... I also wanted to post this before the new episode (5) and it's 3 minutes until it goes up on Crunchyroll.
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