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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Ja'far/Judal, Mu Alexius/Ren Kouen, Takeruhiko/Hakuei
Judal, Ja'far, Mu, Kouen, Hakuryuu, Takeruhiko

Updates a story after about six months.


18. feelings are the stupidest thing ever invented
This chapter takes place a couple of years after the previous chapters.

Judal considered the other children and teenagers in the house as his siblings, but as a matter of fact he was more like everyone’s nephew though he was the same age as some of the siblings. Because when he was young - and he would sigh deeply when he said that, as if he was much older than his fifteen years - he was adopted by Kouen and Mu. They were both his legal guardians, and these days, his parents.

He had been living with them for eight years, and a lot of the siblings had moved out over the last couple years. Two years ago he even finally got his own room. Granted, it was right next to Rohroh’s room, and that guy could be really, really loud.

Back when he was in the yakuza, which had not been all that easy, things had been easier. Just hear me out, he would have said if he were to explain that to someone. Seriously though, it was easier because feelings were not required. And over the last couple years he’s had a whole lot of feelings that he could deal without.

Ja’far kicked him on the leg when he slumped against the table with a groan. He glared up at him from the table surface. “What? You can’t seriously think this is fun, Freckles?” He hated math, and English, and biology, and pretty much every school subject ever. But that wasn’t the feelings he wanted to be able to turn off. “It doesn’t have to be, you need to do it either way. Just try and if you don’t get something, just ask. It’s why I’m here, anyway” Judal sighed. Just hear me out. he thought, continuing his previous train of thought, an explanation to himself, sort of. Or to whoever would be bored enough to peek inside his mind and read his thoughts. The reason why it was easier was because if I still was in the yakuza, I wouldn’t have a dumb crush on my dumb childhood frenemy because that’s just so damn stupid, I don’t even like him on a good day, so why do I have to find him attractive and stuff, right? “Judal.”

Glancing up once again, he finally straightened up, only to let himself slide right off of the desk chair and onto the floor. “Judal!”

“Oh come on, I’m gonna be a hard rock star slash peach mogul anyway, why do I gotta do all this dumb stuff?” He tipped his head up, so he could see the other teenager through his bangs. “You can’t even recruit members to your band yet--and the ones who want to join, you reject, while the ones that don’t get rejected quit because you’re such a menace. And if you’re going to be a peach mogul you need math and to get into a good business school. Or agriculture, those are not exactly schools you can get into on failing grades.”

Judal groaned even louder and rolled over onto his back. “I’m not letting Aladdin join the Peach Crushers. And I hate maaath.” He let out a whine, directing a pleading look at Ja’far. Who shoved his foot in his hair. “That’s so exaggerated that not even Sharrkan would fall for it. And Peach Crushers is the lamest band name ever.”

Judal’s cheeks burned, and he sat up abruptly. “No it’s not! Shut up!”

“It’s lame. Who’ll even listen to a hard rock band with peach in the name?”

Judal kicked the other boy, hard. Ja’far was the type who had grown up intending to become a mature and less hot-headed person. But Judal seemed to be able to rile him just as easily as Ja’far could rile Judal up. Which meant that the kicks quickly escalated into a physical fight.

It was fun to rile Ja’far up, in Judal’s opinion, but he hated when he was the one getting riled up.

I! Seriously just! Don’t! Want to have! A! Stupid! Fucking! Crush! on THIS guy! For five! damn! years!


19. privacy is an illusion

There was always an issue with privacy in this house, considering so many people lived in it. It was what made Kouen and Mu check in at hotels once in a while, or go on vacations together, without the kids if possible, when they both had a rare day off at the same time. Because there was always someone around who might (and probably would) hear them.

Kouen leaned his back into the embrace he suddenly found himself in while he was in the middle of washing the pots and plates he couldn’t run in the dishwasher. He didn’t pull his hands free, only clutched the plate and the dish-brush a little tighter at the surface of the warm water.

“Hey beautiful,” Mu murmured into his neck, light kisses pressing against it. “What’s your address?” Kouen raised an eyebrow at his husband’s question, and the tone of his voice likely revealed the expression on his face. “What’s yours?”

Kouen could feel Mu smile against his skin, his breath hot and sending small shivers of electricity down his spin, and then a hand pressed against his chest. His index finger tapped lightly against the apron, enough for Kouen to feel it. “Your heart,” he murmured softly. Kouen lifted his head from his work to look at the mop of red hair and the patches of visible skin. “Cheesy,” he finally commented. he turned back to the sink and chuckled when Mu remarked with a slight pout against his skin, “Actually, I’d like if you called it romantic.”

Kouen shook his head. “I’m not going to do that. And stop that, I’m trying to do the dishes.” Mu had continued trailing kisses along his neck, and Kouen had a sensitive spot right below his ear. If Mu kept going he wouldn’t be able to focus.

Mu stopped, but not because Kouen told him to. Instead he turned his head toward the door, because there came a gagging sound from around the doorway, and then, the sound of rushing feet. Mu shook his head and sighed. “Children,” he said. Kouen hummed in agreement, then bit back a groan when Mu pressed a kiss right at the edge of that sensitive spot. “Mu!” He let go of the brush, and shoved a wet hand in Mu’s face. It resulted in a very undignified squeak and sputter from Mu. At least it pleased Kouen, even though it only kept Mu from kissing him a short while. At least the next one was less teasing, when he caught his jaw with a big, gentle hand and pressed their lips together.

This time the both of them ignored the sounds whichever child had seen them made.


20. "i'm on to you"

Ren Hakuryuu, fourth year student at Narumi Keisetsu Gakuen, was naturally suspicious about the men in his sister’s life. He thought that his suspicion was perfectly justified, as he had seen many men flirt with her over the years.

Nobody was as bad as her current boyfriend though. Certain people would argue that any of her current boyfriends were the worst in his eyes, but that wasn’t true, at least not in his opinion. No, Yamato Takeruhiko was definitely the worst.

Hakuei had met him when she went on a business trip and found her roommate had used her allotted towels as well as her own, and when she went to the front desk they had informed her that they didn’t have any fresh towels available at the moment. Takeruhiko, who apparently had heard her, had offered her the ones he had found in his room, because he always brought his own from home because his daughter had a tendency to tear holes in them. When they had gone to his room, while he was carrying his daughter, they had ended up deciding to go for drinks later, which led to dinner and, in Hakuryuu’s mind, dating way too quickly.

It was fishy. Who even brought their own towels to a hotel? And who just offered towels to a stranger? And on top of it, what was he even doing at that hotel? Hakuryuu was convinced that it had been because Takeruhiko wanted to hit on his sister. Daycare teachers didn’t have teacher’s conferences, everybody knew that!

He had questioned the man on several occasions the last couple years, ever since he first met the man. But things were getting weird. He was acting way more fishy than normal.

So he had to corner him and find out the truth before something happened to his sister.

“What are your intentions towards my sister?” the nine-year-old boy asked with as much authority as he could muster. (And it was a lot, because he had been around a lot of authoritative people, his sister included.)

Takeruhiko, who refused to look cornered where he sat in his livingroom with a magazine in his lap, raised his eyebrows with a way too amused look on his face. “ To be fair I have a lot of intentions, but for the main part, if she’ll have me I’d like to marry her.”

Hakuryuu sputtered loudly. “What?!” He flinched at his own loud voice, glancing toward Takeruhiko and Nanaumi’s room where Hakuei was together with Nanaumi and Takeruhiko’s mother. It seemed as if they were not coming to look what he was shouting for yet, at least. “What?” he repeated. This time the words were hissed out through gritted teeth.

“Like I said, I intend to ask her to marry me. If you were wondering, the reason why I have been looking through her jewelry box is because I wanted to find out her ring size.”

Hakuryuu’s hissing intensified. Granted, she seemed happy with him, but. “I won’t allow it.” Nobody was worthy of his sister, and no matter what, Takeruhiko was still so fishy.

Takeruhiko cocked his head to the side, and the amused look on his face only increased. “Technically, I don’t need your blessing. I’m not marrying you. But it’d be nice if you could accept it, considering I love her and, as far as I’m aware at least, she loves me. I know it would make her happy if you would give us that blessing, at least.”

“I’m not giving it!” Hakuryuu shouted.

Takeruhiko shrugged. “I’ll give you some time to think about it, get back to me on it later.”

Hakuryuu sputtered again. Then he hurried toward the bigger bedroom, to inform his sister that he was going to go see Alibaba, and that he might stay over there. He didn’t want to see that man’s face right now! (At the same time he didn’t want to leave him with Hakuei, but he didn’t want to deal with him at all!)


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