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Name:Hotaru's fanfics
Birthdate:Mar 8

Massive roleplayer, massive shipper, massive terrified-of-people-person. Writes a lot of oneshots that might make little sense. Gets crack ships stuck too easily and likes a lot of obscurer canons. Is a fan of gorgeous art, loves to read and gets a lot of inspiration from music. Is a huge dork with absolutely no social skills. Dislikes snow and is tired as hell of the countryside, but loves animals. Particularly cats and horses. Also rabbits. Is gradually forgetting how to Swedish but is a typical Swede who is very much a person like "Jantelagen" tells us to be. Loves puns and "bad jokes".


Interests (94):

afterschool charisma, akagami no shirayukihime, akatsuki no yona, akaya ayakashi akashiya no, alive, alive - saishuu shinkateki shounen, alive the final evolution, alive: the final evolution, ancient magus bride, ansatsu kyoushitsu, aoi sekai no chuushin de, assassination classroom, baby merchant's story, bakuman, belmonde le visiteur, binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu love!, bloody monday, bokura no kiseki, bungo to alchemist, chronicles of the grim peddler, code breaker, code:breaker, countdown 7 days, crossover, crossovers, detective conan, digimon, digimon adventure, donten ni warau, drifters, fairy tail, fanfics, fanfiction, free, free!, ginyuu mokushiroku meine liebe, gray garden, haikyuu, haikyuu!!, harry potter, hitman reborn, hoozuki no reitetsu, itsuwaribito, itsuwaribito utsuho, k, k project, kamisama hajimemashita, kamisama kiss, kampfer, katekyo hitman reborn, kuroshitsuji, kyou no asuka show, kämpfer, love live, magi, magi: adventures of sinbad, magi: labyrinth of magic, magi: sinbad no bouken, magi: the labyrinth of magic, mahoutsukai no yome, makai ouji, makai ouji: devils & realist, meine liebe, meine liebe: eien naru traumerei, meitantei conan, merman in my tub, mungou to alchemist, nobunaga the fool, of the red of the lights and the ayakashi, olimpos, orenchi no furo jijou, parasol protectorate, rampage, rampage!, reborn!, rengoku ni warau, roleplay, roleplay fics, rp fics, rune factory, samurai deeper kyo, shinigami x doctor, shounen hollywood, snow white with the red hair, susanoh, susanoh ~masho no ken yori~, susanoh ~sword of the devil~, tamako market, the ancient magus bride, the final evolution, touken ranbu, tsuritama, world trigger, world war blue
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